Instance’s NBA Legends Sock Collection

The NBA basketball season is heating up, and InStance socks have Legendary players socks just in time for you to get into the spirit. Read up below on the history that InStance has compiled on some of the best players in the history of the sport.346-instace-mcgrady-nba-legends

Tracy McGrady was often alone. For much of his career, he carried his teams—and with little assistance. Straight out of high school, McGrady became an essential player thanks, in part, to his versatility. And while glory always eluded him in the postseason, his accomplishments warrant attention. McGrady made seven NBA All-Star appearances, and was named to the the All-NBA First Team twice, the All-NBA Second Team three times, and the All-NBA Third Team twice. While playing for Orlando, McGrady snagged the NBA scoring title twice. He also racked up memorable games that deserve to be more than footnotes—like scoring thirteen points in just over thirty seconds while playing for the Rockets in 2004 and racking up sixty-two points in a single game against the Wizards that same year. Thanks to Stance’s Tracy McGrady, you can give T-Mac the attention he’s always deserved.


Wilt Chamberlain dominated the NBA-and long after his last game, he still dominates the record books. Arguably one of the greatest players of all time, The Big Dipper won two NBA Championships, was the league’s MVP for four seasons, made thirteen All-Star appearances, and led the league in scoring for seven seasons and rebounds for eleven. In addition to being the only player to ever score 100 points in a game, Chamberlain has over seventy NBA records, including the most career rebounds and averaging over fifty points in a single season. Simply put, Wilt was unstoppable. Thanks to Stance’s Wilt Trading Card, you don’t need to stare at the stars for a glimpse of The Big Dipper.


Scotty Pippen’s career is almost mythical. As a walk-on at a little known school in Arkansas, he spent his college years off the radar. His impressive numbers, however, eventually snagged the attention of NBA scouts, leading to the start of a legendary career. Although Pippen spent time with the Rockets and Trail Blazers, his name is forever tied to the Chicago Bulls, whom he helped guide to six NBA Championships. His accolades also include serving as an NBA All-Star seven times, attaining the MVP Award for the 1994 All-Star game, being named to the NBA’s 50th Anniversary All-Time team, and earning two Olympic Gold Medals-including one with the fabled Dream Team in 1992. As a testament to his legacy, his jersey number, 33, is one of the few the Chicago Bulls have retired. There’s no shortage of reasons to pay homage to Pippen.

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For his entire career, Larry Bird was the face of the Boston Celtics. An exceptional shooter, Bird earned a reputation for posting big numbers and delivering clutch performances. Yet he also brought out the best in his teammates. Thanks to a relentless work ethic and an incredible hustle, he snagged no shortage of accolades. In addition to guiding the Celtics to three NBA Championships, he was voted the league’s MVP three times, named a Rookie of the Year, and a twelve-time NBA All-Star. Celebrate one of the greatest players of all time with Instance’s Larry Bird 2.